Newcastle gas appliance repairs

Gas appliance repairs newcastle

Don't throw away your old appliances!

Gas appliance repairs Newcastle.

Don't throw away your old gas oven because we specialise in repairing gas ovens, including sourcing oven parts.  

Call one of our licensed Newcastle gas technicians on 02 4948 7449 to repair, service or install that kitchen appliance.

We offer domestic and commercial gas cooking appliance installation, service and repair that comes with a wide knowledge base and experience including gas ovens, cooktops, cookers, rangehoods, deep fryers, bbq's etc.

With gas cooking you can enjoy faster cooking times, an even distribution of heat, cooking doesn't get affected by power outages, and running costs are much lower. Gas cooking appliances are more DURABLE, which means they have longer life spans.


Ensure you get a licensed and experienced gas technician to service your cooking appliances regularly, preventing problems and costly repairs down the track.